Brand Identity

Doxa offre servizi di: Graphic Design, Illustrazione, Brand Identity & Logo Design, Web Design, Social Media Management, Posizionamento Seo, Campagne Advertising, Produzione Video, Shooting Fotografici, Photo E Video Editing, Ideazione, Produzione, Realizzazione eventi.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Graphic design

Development of graphic projects for print (flyers, brochures, business cards, catalogues, etc.) and for the Internet.


Creation of illustrations, traditional and digital.

Brand identity & logo design

Concept and brand design, development of an identity system, complete in every step and item (strategy, nominal and/or visual identity, brand identity etc.).

Web design

Creation and management of tailor-made, functional websites optimized for search engines.

Social media management

Professional management of social channels and development of specific strategies for each objective.

SEO positioning

Construction and optimization of web pages for adeguate positioning on search engines.

Advertising campaigns

Creation of digital campaigns aimed at specific targets.

Video production

Design and creation of professional videos (company commercials, social contents, etc.).

Photo shoots

Professional shots to use on information materials or social platforms.

Photo & video editing

Photo editing, video editing, 2D motion graphics (infographics, text animation and vector graphics).

We deal with the production and creative direction of events of different kind and sizes at a local, national and international level. Our goal is to compete in the organization of private meetings as well as with the management of medium and large events such as: corporate meetings and events, B2B and B2C fairs, entertainment, cultural events.

We offer our services starting from the consultancy phases, planning of creative ideas, feasibility analysis and execution of formats requested by the Client. Our services starts from the research of themes, identification of locations, up to the creation of contents, scenographic setup, printing of graphic materials and communication of the event.

Our daily commitment is to guarantee IT systems and processes that help make company operations more efficient, speeding up operations and reducing the use of human and economic resources. Today it is essential for companies for companies to have a point of reference for managing all technological issues in an exclusive and continous way. We offer complete solutions for technology need, including help desk, maintenance, network infrastructure and Java programming.

To administer and organize the daily activities of the Company, Kreatek owns Pitagora, DSS – Decision Support System, a management system designed for analysis and efficiency in different production sectors.

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